Alllll Aboard!!

We were in the midst of a tropical depression. That’s when lots of gray, soggy clouds sit there and don’t go anywhere. Day after day the rains kept coming. When we have flash floods the rain waters steadily rise creating deep, dangerous puddles in driveways and streets.

In other parts of the country there had been heavy rains and flooding. Rivers would swell. Whole towns were covered with water when the quickly rising waters spilled over the banks. Many homes and possessions were destroyed and washed away.

Troubles have a way of piling up and flooding our lives when they are not dealt with. Ordinary day in, day out things get to be more of a hassle than when it’s business-as-usual. Life looks cloudy and gray, then dark, and the ‘waters’ begin to rise. We can’t see a light at the end of the tunnel. No sun, no birds chirping. Anxiety edges in. It is a sin to worry. Yet sometimes it is hard for my head to get that through to my heart, especially in the middle of a personal ‘tropical depression’.

As it takes time for the ground to absorb the extra water during bouts of flash floods, so it takes time for our troubles to be resolved and dissipate. Here’s some good news. The ark floated on the rising waters, and we can, too.

According to tradition, Noah’s Ark landed on Mr. Ararat, one of the highest mountain peaks in the world. When the flood waters are rising all around you, check to make sure you’re on board with the Lord, on His “ark”. Not only will you not be swept away and drowned, you will land on higher ground.

Allllll Aboard!!

Sally I. Kennedy Author of "52 Little Parables from Ireland" (Creation House Press) and “From the Heart”

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