Being There

I asked the Lord in a time of uncertainty, "what is my ministry Lord?" But no answer came. I pleaded and begged him to tell me. Was I to be a pastor, an evangelist, a prophet etc, but there was no reply.

Then that night I was awoken gently, as if by a whisper, knowing that God wanted to talk to me.

He asked me, "Who am I?" And I replied, "You are God". Then I was asked "What is my name?" And I replied Jehovah. The answer came back "I am who I am. My name is I AM" I knew from my studies that I AM meant...I am He who is present, living and active with you...and I gave that answer.

I was then asked, "How am I active? What am I doing?" The answer popped into my head that God is Love and thus his activity must be to give out of his love. Suddenly I felt so much love hit me like a wave and I was overwhelmed. I sobbed and wept openly as I knew that I had my answer.

A few minutes later and calmer, I was told that my reason for living, my purpose, my ministry - and that of any Christian - should firstly be the same as God's - to be there to show God's love to others. It felt like the greatest ministry anyone could ever have. Thoughts of named roles, titles and anointings disappeared from my mind as I embraced the vision. I could visit, telephone, pray, encourage, give a lift to, offer physical and financial help and be a shoulder to cry on. Many more ways 'to be there' came also.

Over the years God has shown me that:

1) If we stay by God's side, we will experience his love more powerfully in our own lives.

2) If we love and encourage others, we are serving God as He would wish us.

3) If we lift others above ourselves in love and through prayer and encouragement, we can never become proud. And

4) If all of us would lift each other higher constantly, there would be no brother or sister higher than another - and thus no such thing as a proud Christian.


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