The Field of Living Wheat

There was once this wonderful full field of wheat. Everyday the sun would shine on them, and help them to grow up strong and straight. One morning one stalk said to the other. "How large and full we are becoming!" "Yes," replied his neighbor. "I am sure, soon, we will be strong enough to be of use to the farmer."

"Oh, I just can't wait!" Said his friend. "It will be so great to be used and needed. I just know the farmer will find a special use for me. Oh, and you too of course."

As the days progressed they grew and grew. They were waiting for the "wonderful" day, when the farmer would use them for greater things. Each stalk sure he would be the most prized one to the farmer. All this time the farmer had been so wonderful to them. He watered them. He kept the bugs away. He even put fertilizer on them to help them develop strong and healthy. They came to know him as the most "gentle" man they knew.

Finally, the day arrived! They were so excited. "Hey, did you hear?" Said the one stalk. "Today we get "harvested" and "threshed." What ever that means?" Suddenly they heard this loud noise. It got louder and louder, the very ground was shaking. "What is that?" Said the one to the other. "I don't know." His friend replied. "But I see the farmer coming this way on this big machine!"

His friend looked. "He is pulling us all up from the ground! Look out! Oh, that hurt!"

"Where are we going now?" The stalk asked. This is what the farmer replied to them all.

"I am going to thrash you first. That will crush you and separate all the bad stuff in you from the good."

"What!" They cried. "That will hurt!"

"Yes it will." Said the farmer. "Just trust me, it is for the good." He did just as he said. All the stalks lay there in pain.

"Is that it? Are you done?" They asked.

"Not yet" he said. Then he turned on these gigantic fans. This horrible wind blew so much of them away in the wind.

"Oh, that hurt too. Are you done now?" They asked.

"Nope, not yet" he said. Then he did the most unexpected thing of all. This once very kind and gentle man struck them with a pitchfork!

"Oh, the pain." They cried. Then he shook them violently, and threw them into another pile. "Please tell us that is all!" They cried. "We can't stand any more pain!"

"I am sorry," said the farmer, "but there is more yet to be done to you." After the winnowing, or separating of the bad and good, the farmer then put them in this large vat.

"Now what!" They cried.

"You must be ground up into fine dust," he said.

"Oh no. There will be nothing left of us!" They cried.

"Trust me," said the farmer. The machine started. It was painful as they were ground and ground to fine dust. Finally the machine stopped.

"Oh farmer, are we done now?"

"Yes, for now anyway, but you are not finished."

"What" they replied. "What else is there?"

"I still have to find the right place for you to be used!" He said. "Be patient, I'm not finished with you yet!"

Then he took the fine flour and made bread! He worked it until it was right, and put it in the great oven. He then turned up the heat!

"We can't endure any more!" They cried.

"Just a few more minutes" he said. "Done!" The farmer shouted. He pulled them out of the oven. They looked at each other and were amazed! "Look how different we are?" They said. "We don't look at all like we did in the field!" "Now what farmer?" They asked.

"Now," he said. "I can use you to feed many that would die without what you have within you to give to them!" "You have become me...I am in every part of you... and I AM the Bread of Life!" Matthew 13:24-30 and 36-43

Robyn Cavalera

Please contact Robyn Cavalera if you are planning to use her writings. Thanks.

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