Gifts from God

I was just sitting down after a fantastic dinner that my wife had made today. I was feeling warm, content, and very thankful to God for my loving family and for my wifeís delicious cooking. I was feeling blessed to have been given so much to enjoy, rejoice in, and share in my life. I doubted that there was anything that could make me feel better than I did at that moment.

It was just then ,however, that my wonderful daughter yelled for me and my wife to hurry outside right away and see the sky. It had been raining all day long, but now the setting sun was making the breaking clouds in the western sky turn a glorious, shining yellow. That was not all, though. At the same time God was using that beautiful setting sun to create the most fantastic double rainbow that I had ever seen. It covered the whole eastern part of the sky and made my delighted heart sing with its wondrous colors. It flowed from mountain to mountain and opened up a pot of gold in my own soul as I watched it.

This Heavenly sight reminded me once again that Godís gifts come to us every second of everyday of our lives and that His blessings for us never end. His love for us is endless and unconditional and flows from everything in this life. We can see the gifts of this love in the setting sun, the shining stars, the colorful rainbows, the falling snow, and the glowing moon. We can hear these gifts in the songs of a thousand birds and in the wind whistling through the trees. We can feel these gifts in the hugs of our loved ones and in the smiles of strangers. We can even share these gifts ourselves by choosing to give our own soulís love, joy, laughter, delight, peace, goodness, kindness, and happiness to everyone we meet.

Godís glorious love for us makes everyday holy. Godís endless love for us makes everyday a gift. Letís all join God then in giving the gifts of love and joy to the world.

Joseph J. Mazzella

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