The Heavenly Peacock

During one of the worst times of my life when everything I ever worked for was on the line and I could have lost everything I'd built up in 20 years of blood, sweat, and tears, my husband called me and told me I had to come home immediately. I really could not leave because the state inspectors were at my school /daycare / summer camp.

But I went home as soon as I was able. My husband told me to look in our backyard... Really look!

Outside in our back yard was the most beautiful peacock you ever saw! His feathers were fluffed out and I just started to cry.

My husband asked me why I was crying. As a child I always told myself that one day I was going to have a peacock. This was a very unrealistic goal for someone who lived in a very small apartment in the Bronx, NY, with my parents, and two siblings, all squashed together. Only God knew my heart's desire. And gave it to me when all else seemed so bleak.

I knew this was his way of telling me He was there every minute, every second of my life, and still was. "Fear Not...Just follow me," He said.

I did.

And I still do... He has given me all my heart's desires! Trust Him!

Carole Devecka God Given Daisies

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