The Jump of Death

When my son was in Year 10 his school provided a one-month outdoor educational opportunity. A key part of this was a focus on teens developing self-confidence through completing a ropes course.

The most challenging adventure for many was the "Jump of Death". Once getting your harness and safety line fitted correctly each student had to climb a fifteen meter tree, up to a landing. From there the challenge was really quite simple - to jump out and hit a bell with your hand.

The bell was situated only two meters away from the landing, and from a ground perspective it looked entirely reachable. But in listening to my son's recount, from a 'landing's' perspective, much more challenging!!

To hit the bell you had to leave the safety of the landing. There was no other answer!

And the gospel of grace is no different. To receive God's grace we have to leave the comfort zone of our old life, and jump into God's arms.

The great news is that God has attached a safety line and no one that jumps will be injured.

"Jesus said, 'I am the Bread of Life. No one coming to me will ever be hungry again." John 6:35

TODAY, . Take the jump of your life!!

Bruce Wadd

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