Something I noticed. Strange, but maybe you will relate.

I have been feeding the squirrels here at Amy's place for awhile now. The older ones just boldly walk up to me, and take their peanuts. There is even one who will walk right into the Apt. And demand his peanut with a very loud noise. I mean he has even jumped up into our laps and got in our faces to get that peanut!!! My daughter and I think how cute he is. As he did this one day (by the way, I can only assume he is a he.) I started to see me in this squirrel. Really!!! Especially when one time, one of the kids suddenly came in and scared him!! He jumped about 3 feet up the wall trying to find a place to run. When he calmed down and realized they were not going to hurt him, he proceeded to demand his peanut.

Now, this may be a strange analogy, but think about it! Most of the time, I just walk into the presence of God in prayer, expecting my "peanut" right then and there! God laughs, I am sure, and is very patient with me, as He gives me what I am demanding or requesting. This works for a while, especially when He is trying to help us understand, He means only good for us, and not harm. Once in awhile, even when in His house, the enemy tries to freak me out and scare me. Just like the squirrel, I jump about 3 feet and try to climb a wall. Until I realize where I am, and who I am with! Then I will calm down, and proceed boldly to Him.

When we are babies in Christ, He puts up with the demanding. He knows we don't understand all yet. He even will calm us when the enemy scares us. He knows we don't have a lot of boldness yet. But as we grow, He expects a little more from us, just like I do now from the squirrel. He expects us to KNOW the hand that feeds us. Trust that Hand. Ask for our needs and take them outside to the world. Now, I admit, squirrels don't share to well.... But then, we are not squirrels. We should not hide in the ground what God has blessed us with! His intention has always been for us to take what He gives and share it with a lost and dying world. To you it may be peanuts, but to a starving man, it may be life!! Just a thought.

Robyn Cavalera robyajesusfreak@bellsouth.net

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