Thanks Giving (2004 Edition)

I never cease to be amazed at the wonders in my life and this year has been no exception. Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, Diana and I headed for Fairview, Oklahoma to spend the next two days with the Nunns(who run a dairy farm). They live about 12 miles outside of town on about 160 acres. They have five wonderful children.

After the Thanksgiving dinner and dessert (six pies). Adam's brother Will, hooked up his horses to his wagon. Everyone piled in and off we went through the country on an old-fashioned hay ride. The horses had bells on their halters and the whole scene was out of a Norman Rockwell painting. Tinsel(see Katie's Komfort Kolumn from the 4th of July) ran along side the horses for a while then climbed into the bed of the wagon. Last year, the wagon was a sled and the ride went through a heavy snow.

We all traveled to the town of Fairview(population about 4,000) about 8pm. Hmmm a small town, what can they offer? A lot! Fairview had the best fireworks display I have ever witnessed in my life, turning the night into day with huge fireworks. It was one of the most awesome sights I have ever seen. I am not ashamed it brought tears to my eyes. Everybody in town seems to know everyone else. The people on the streets talked to their neighbors and friends. Again Norman Rockwell would have been pleased.

Perhaps the most touching part of the evening was when Shannon, the youngest Nunn daughter, sat on Santa's lap. Santa asked this little seven year old what she wanted for Christmas..."I want all the soldiers to come home safely from Iraq." Was the reply. Santa had to dab at his eyes. From the mouth of babes...

Saturday evening when driving to Fairview from the west I was stunned by the sight. Coming from the West one drives over hills and Fairview lies in a valley. The night lights from Fairview shined like diamonds and hanging over the town was the largest, brightest, orange full moon I have ever seen. Sorry Mr. Norman Rockwell, you could not have painted this scene. I pulled over with Diana and we just watched knowing we may never see such a sight again.

We finished our evening with supper at Pizza Hut, where there were real working cowboys eating next to us. They had ball caps on, spurs, chaps, dirty and dusty clothes on. Working men, men from Fairview, Oklahoma.

BJ Cassady in Guthrie, Oklahoma

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