They've Got a Kidney for me, Mum

My Son Steve was almost shouting into the phone, he was so excited. My heart missed a beat, as I realized the enormity of his statement. The phone call we have all been waiting for had finally arrived. What now?

“I am on my way Steve.” I said replacing the receiver and grabbing the car keys in one movement. Then it happened! I started shaking and tears streamed down my cheeks. I knew I could not ‘let go’ now. Time was short. We had to get to the hospital as soon as possible. (Sooner even!) I managed to control my fears and within minutes we were heading for the hospital.

I could not help thinking of all the years of watching my son’s health slowly deteriorating. The fatigue: the depression and the hopelessness of Kidney failure.

The dialysis that kept him alive became the monster ruling his life. The restrictions, that meant he could not even play his beloved guitar. How many times had he said

“I can’t go on, Mum.”

How many times had the family rallied and ‘been there’ for him? Helping to keep Steve ‘fighting’ back. Well he did and now here it was! The phone call we had all prayed for had happened. Steve was on his way to receive the kidney transplant we had almost given up on, because of Steve’s very rare blood group.

When we arrived at the hospital Steve was rushed away for many more tests, a lecture as to the side effects. The reliance on anti-rejection drugs for the rest of his life… Then he was taken to the operating theatre, for a minimum of four hours. It was late evening when we made our way home. Only then did I let the floodgates open, as I sobbed for my son and for the family of the kidney donor. A life lost! A life saved! What wonderful people they are, that in the midst of their own grief they can think of saving another. God Bless them all.

One o’clock this morning taken to recovery. The new kidney is functioning and I will be visiting him as soon as they allow me to do so. All of our prayers have been answered. God speed your recovery my son! I love you


Steve was smiling as he lifted his foot up for me to see.

“My toenails are pink again mum, look.” Sure enough they were. We ended up laughing like a couple of children. It was certain proof the new kidney was functioning well, but I laughed even more when he said,

“And guess what? I had a wee today and it felt so good.”

My big adult son had not told me he had urinated for a good many years. It was one aspect of the kidney failure and dialysis we had never discussed. Until that moment I had not realized the full extent of the problem. Now here he was as pleased as punch that he had achieved, what we all take so much for granted.

The simple daily task of urinating! Healthy pink toenails and the ability to wee whenever he wanted to go, (and to actually want to!) Was a cause for celebration to Steve now.

He was looking so much better and soon after he came home from the hospital he was back driving his car and playing his beloved guitar. Making music and singing. I had my boy back! I will be forever grateful to the donor of Steve’s new Kidney and his family. What a difference his ultimate sacrifice made to not only my Son’s life, but many others also. A ‘Gift of Love! A gift of life!’ My prayers were answered, My son is recovering!

© Copyright Violet Apted

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