The Wheat Continues

The wheat is still in the field. They are still young sprouts.... "Hey friend!" Says one stalk to a "new" neighbor. "Where did you come from?"

The "new" neighbor looked at the stalk with a rough, gloating glare. "I was put here a while back by my farmer. He wanted me and some of my friends who are here also, to help you guys grow right!"

"Oh?" Said the wheat stalk. "Just how are you supposed to do that?" He then asked. "Well," said the stranger, "If you will let me, and if your farmer will allow it, I can help you to see things that would be unknown to you other wise. I can teach you things of great value to you, for growing strong and healthy. Actually, they are things your farmer would not tell you, because he does not want you to really get as good as you could."

"Well, that is strange?" Said the wheat. "The farmer told us he has a special purpose for us. Why would he not tell us about you? I am just going to have to ask him myself. This is strange?"

"NO...." said the stranger. "Don't ask him. He will not be honest with you any way. Just do what I tell you, and you can surprise him with your growth and strength!"

"Well, I don't know," said the wheat. "Let me think on this a bit!"

The wheat thought and thought. He found it strange that his farmer did not tell him these things. He decided to ask the farmer next time he was out in the field. A few days later, his other neighbor, another wheat stalk was enjoying the sun, and just talking up a storm. "Boy, am I glad I listened when farmer told us about these "tares" who moved in next door to us!" He said. "I am not prejudiced or that, but these guys have some real strange ideas of right and wrong! Hey Jim, what was it farmer called them? "Weeds?"

"Yeah, weeds," said his friend.

"I heard farmer say his enemy planted them in the night to try to mess us up!" Said Jim the wheat stalk. "He said the only reason he did not pull them up and get rid of them, was because that might hurt us in the process. He decided to let them grow along with us. Just ignore them!" The little stalk heard this and listened carefully as they continued to talk. Suddenly, he remembered the farmer talking to them about such things. He remembered what farmer had said about these strangers, these "tares." At the time, he had not really been paying attention to what the farmer was telling them, he was having too much fun enjoying the sun and wind. He began to realize the farmer had told them this for their own good. Especially since his "tare" neighbor was getting pushy.

That same day, the farmer came into the field with his workers. He looked at each stalk with love and pride. "You are growing well. Strong and healthy, despite the "tares." Keep it up a little longer. Soon I will harvest you, and will separate you, from them. Just keep in mind all I have taught you, and stand strong and sure!" Said the farmer. "At harvest time we wil "trust Me" and ignore them. They can only hurt you if you allow them to. I have provided you with enough "space" to grow no matter how hard they may try to choke you. Just stay in the area I set for you, and you will be fine." Then the farmer left.

The little wheat stalk looked at his "tare" neighbor. Now, he was angry. "You lied to me!" He said. "You are not here to help me! You are here to try to hurt me! I will not allow you any more space next to me! Out of my way "weed," I am going to grow like the farmer told me to!"

"But...I have knowledge?" Said the weed. "I can show you "new" things."

"Get behind me weed.... I will not listen to you!" Said the wheat. "My farmer has never lied, and I will trust him now. You on the other hand are crowding me.... So, Get behind me! I will do as the farmer said! And listen to him only!"

The field grew and all that the Farmer had said happened just as He said it would! The "tares" were, as Farmer had said, pulled up at harvest, and burned in a big bon fire. In addition, the wheat came into the full reward the farmer had for them since sowing the "Good Seed."

Robyn Cavalera

Please contact Robyn Cavalera if you are planning to use her writings. Thanks.

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