The Drunkard With A New Purpose

One day while camp was going on, I went back to the Y building to pick up some supplies. When I got out of my car, a man approached me. As he was staggering towards me, I could smell a very strong scent of alcohol.

"Lady!, Lady!" He said...there are still a lot of kids hanging out on the street. You are doing a good job, but some of them are still out there, you know.”

I assured him that I knew there were others in the neighborhood that needed our services, but that I couldn't drag them to our programs, and that in time they would come.

He told me he saw when I gave out clothes on the street and that we didn't treat them like bums....and he had an idea.

"Good', I said, “tell me about it.” (Remember the letter that said, "The undesirables of the streets shall be your extra hands!" Well I would never turn anyone I listened.)

His plan was to set up and train, a drill team of neighborhood kids. He would teach them right were they were at...IN THE STREETS I started. Then they could do it and teach others in school and we would have a bigger drill team! They could win medals and awards!

I agreed with him. It would be a wonderful opportunity for these kids. They could march in all the parades, they could compete all around the state... And who knows where it could lead them.

“However,” I told him, “we have a BIG (HUGE!) Problem that we must first handle. YOU! You must always lead by example...NO DRINKING, SMOKING, or CURSING. You must always be clean and neat. If you are homeless, we will feed you and get you a place to live. We will get you clothing, so you can get a job and we will help you anyway we can. But, you must do your part. We can get you help for your drinking problem, but we can not do it for you. It will not be easy. But I know you can do it, and if you have the desire in your heart to help these kids on the street, God will give you the strength to do it. Remember, every time you are tempted, think to yourself, ‘WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!”

With that I added "God loves you, and so do I!”

He started to cry (me too) and he said "You'll see…I can do it! You'll see!”

Again, I assured him we would be there to help him anyway he needed, and that God sent him to us for a reason, a purpose.

How wonderful it would be if the kids of the street could see a life changing experience in this old drunkard.

Weeks went by and I didn't see him around town. Then one day he suddenly appeared at my car again. This time he was dressed neatly, shaved, smelling clean, hair in place, and smiling.

I returned his smile, leaned over, kissed him, and told him that I knew he could do it.

He asked me if I could drive him two places. One was for an interview for a job, and the other, was a surprise for me… He wanted to show me something.

I did drive him where he wanted to go, and after the interview we drove a few more blocks and he asked me to stop.

Then he asked if he could blow my whistle. It was around my neck. I gave it to him, and told him that if he wanted to keep it, he could have it. But, what did he want it for?

He smiled and said watch!

He blew the whistle loud...three times…

From ever direction came kids. All ages, all sizes, with sticks, garbage can covers, and flags they had made. READY AND IN FORMATION! AND ME IN TEARS!

Without music, a drum or anything else, these kids banged out a beat, marched, danced, jumped double-dutch to their own rhythms, and all in perfect step.

I couldn't stop crying. (I'm crying now) They were wonderful!

I kissed and hugged them all. Thanking them for such a wonderful gift, not only for me but for "Sampson, a man of strength and courage."


© Carole Devecka God Given Daisies

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