A Foot In the Door

After the first day of doing the street boutique, and helping the kids that lived in the ghetto, I kept asking God, "Where am I going to put these kids? Where will I be able to teach them what they so desperately want to learn? How can I influence them to believe that they can rise out of the drug-infested streets, and become what God wants them to be? Well God, I need a place to do what you asked me to do."

By the time I drove home (about 15 minuets later) my mother told me a woman had called and wanted me to teach some craft classes. I once taught at senior centers and with the community schools in our area. But it had been a long time ago. After that I became a medical assistant in a doctor's office. Who in the world would be calling me to teach crafts again?

It was the President of the Board of Directors at the YMCA!

I returned her call and told her I would like to meet with her and the entire board to discuss some plans I had in my head, and that I would bring samples of my work. I asked her the address, and you'll never believe this! (Yes you would!) THE "Y" WAS LOCATED ON THE CORNER ACROSS THE STREET FROM WHERE I FIRST MET THE GANG OF KIDS, AND THE CORNER WHERE WE SET UP THE STREET BOUTIQUE!

Thank you, God!

We now have a foot in the door of a public building where I can teach them. YES, YES, YES!

Carole Devecka God Given Daisies CaroleDevecka@comcast.net

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