I Know You!

I was the young adults pastor at a very large church in Orlando, Florida, from 1987 to 1989. The pastor of that church knew that God wanted to send my wife and me on the road full-time. So he came into a pastors' meeting at the beginning of 1989 and announced it. The pastor and I felt that the right time would be January 1, 1990. Based on that, the church kept us on salary till December 31,1989, and we were launched in January of 1990 as planned.

Now the end of November came, and I knew our salary was about to be cut off in one month and all I had booked was a meeting in a small church in South Carolina the first week of January and another church in Tennessee the end of February. All we had was three hundred dollars in savings, and I had two small children with needs to care for. My pastor, who is very well known in this nation, had given me a tremendous letter of recommendation and had made available to me a stack of six hundred address cards of churches to which he had been. I had made copies of the letter and was in the middle of addressing the envelopes to send out to those six hundred pastors when the Spirit of the Lord came on me and said, "What are you doing, John?" I responded, "I'm letting pastors know I am available to minister." He quickly said, "You'll get out of My will!" I said, "God, nobody knows me out there!" Then He responded by saying, "I know you!" I knew He was showing me that His way was not to advertise myself. Now I didn't call it advertisement, but that is exactly what it is! When I heard Him say that, I threw away those letters and envelopes that were addressed. This did not line up with what I was told in training for the ministry, but I knew God had spoken to me.

Since then we have not lacked one cent or been idle. We have not made one phone call or written one letter unless it was reported that a pastor wanted us to contact him. We have seen God open doors in ways that caused us to marvel. In the next two years we ministered in churches in seventeen states and five other nations.

Ministries in America have become political and professional in many ways. God is looking for men and women who will trust Him for their every need and not try to give Him assistance in doing it.

Today we have traveling ministries who send out promotional packages trying to sell their ministries to pastors. They call churches and prostitute themselves and their gifts. We have hirelings who travel and charge fees to "minister." They justify prostituting the gift of God by the reasoning that they have a budget to meet and churches don't always realize what their needs are. They will only go to a church and "preach" if they are guaranteed so much money and provision. They have made the churches their source and not God!

Bevere, John. The Voice of one Crying. Apopka: Messenger Press, 1993, p. 26-27.

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