The New Year

Ok God, we have to get ready for the new year...We can get grants for really renovating the building, (fixing the old heating system would be nice.) We really need some equipment for the day care center -- including a fire escape. The ripples on the gym floor need to be fixed before someone gets hurt...Oh!, you know the things we need, Just tell me how to write a grant that includes them all and you know I will do it! Help me, Please!

I went to the Y at 6:30 in the morning to open up the day care center. When a teacher and some children came in, I sat at the reception desk trying to figure out a budget and repair costs to apply for a grant. The telephone rang. It was a gentleman looking to rent a room at the Y. He was getting a job at a convenience store in the area, and needed a place to stay. I told him that we were not a residential Y but I could put a sign up in the lobby saying he was looking for a place to stay. I also told him that this was not the best neighborhood to live in, but that we were making major strides in changing that. In fact I was sitting here writing a proposal for a grant so that we could influence more people in the neighborhood by opening a youth service bureau, with counseling, job training, etc...

”I JUST WROTE AND RECEIVED A $150,000 GRANT FOR A FIRST AID BUILDING," said the voice on the phone.

Thank you God! You sent me someone who knows how to do this! YES!

"Well Sir" I said, "If you help me prepare the papers to apply for a grant I am sure I will find you a place to stay." (Even if it's home with me) “...and you will always have plenty of food to eat. The food here is great! And we can apply for a grant to feed more..."

”I'll be there in an hour!"

”Ok, and we can apply for a bigger day care center, and a summer camp, and, and, and... THANK YOU IN ADVANCE GOD FOR SUPPLYING ALL OUR NEEDS!”

Well, (Saint) Francis arrived and as I took him on the tour of the building, he started saying the same things I was thinking before… We could apply for this, and this, and this, and maybe this.

God you sent me the right person...WITH VISIONS OF ALL THINGS POSSIBLE!

The best thing going for us was what we accomplished with nothing but enthusiasm, and hard work. IMAGINE WHAT WE COULD DO WITH SOME MONEY!

Mr. Francis and I were some team. We dream BIG...HUGE! And with GOD, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!

© Carole Devecka God Given Daisies

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