A Promise Kept

"I can't stand this time of year!" The man said. "These things cover my car every morning and clog up the drains in my driveway."

He was referring to the small buds that fall off of the trees as the leaves finally break through.

"It's Spring. That's what trees do. It's happened every year since the beginning of time and hopefully will continue to happen long after you are finished cursing them," I said.

"Oh, I know. I just get to the point where I want to cut the tree down so I don't have to go through all of this each year," he said.

"Does the tree give you shade in the summer?"

"Yes, it does. Our home is positioned such that if it weren't for the tree the house would be pretty hot at mid day," he said.

"Do you have children?"

"Yes, we have four children. Most of them grown and out on their own now."

"Did they grow up in that house?"

"Yes, they did. Every one of them," he said.

"Then they probably loved the Autumn when the leaves fell to the ground. I bet you had a few leaf fights back when they were young."

"Yes, we did. Why are you asking me this?"

"Did you ever press the colored leaves in between wax paper for the kids?"

"Yes, but..."

"Then the tree has kept it's promise," I said.

"How does a tree keep a promise?"

"They say that a single seed is a promise. If you plant it and nurture it, it keeps its promise and brings forth a bloom for you to enjoy. Perhaps even to nurture and feed you in return," I said.

"I can understand what you are saying. But..."

"Well the tree fills with thousands of buds. They are often the first sign of Spring for us. If you are not caught up in the "things" of life, you notice the "stuff" of life. The "stuff" consists of the first buds, first blooms of spring. They act as signs of hope, rebirth, life after a cold winter. If you are connected to that process, the first buds are the promises that the tree is making. Once they start falling it means the leaves are coming...as promised. Then the leaves give you shade from the summer heat, beauty in the Fall and memories of your children that last into the Autumn of your life," I said.

"These buds?"

"Yes. Wouldn't it be great if we could see the results of all our promises kept? I wonder how many buds we would leave behind in fulfillment of our commitments?"

"So I should be grateful for these nasty little things?"

"Grateful that God has given you another Spring to see them. Grateful that your home will be a little cooler. Grateful that one day your grandchildren might play in the leaves..."

"Okay, okay. I understand," he said laughing.

"You won't cut that tree down now will you?"

"No....I promise!"

Bob Perks Bob@BobPerks.com

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