Stand Fast

The meeting with the Board of Directors at the YMCA went well -- they wanted me!

I asked to see the entire building. Not only was this building located in a bad neighborhood, it was run down. But, if God opens up the door and gives you a gift, (I did ask for a place to teach,) who am I to turn it down? Besides it had a swimming pool!

We all agreed on certain classes but we disagreed on who could attend these classes. I wasn't going to push. GOD GAVE ME A BUILDING! He would see to the rest of the details. Yes!

A few days later, I went down to the "Y" to look over the building again and see where I could set up tables, chairs, music, keep the supplies etc. I tried to open the heavy glass doors but they were locked! LOCKED!

I couldn't believe it! A PUBLIC BUILDING, RECEIVING PUBLIC FUNDS, AND IT WAS LOCKED IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY! I banged and banged on the door.

Finally a gigantic Mr. Tee type fellow stood there with his hands on hips and actually yelled at me for banging on the door!


Mr. Tee told me he was down in the gym exercising with a friend.

"HOW DARE YOU LOCK THESE DOORS? This is not your private club! I swear I will have every newspaper and TV station here, and I will have your books audited if you do not open these doors to the public!"

Mr. Tee laughed in my face and locked the doors again.

Well, God I probably blew it. But you know this place belongs to the kids here. So what do I do now?

"Stand fast!" Was God's reply. So I did!

Two days later I got a call from the President of the Board of Directors at the "Y" asking me if I would like to be the "NEW PROGRAM DIRECTOR OF THE Y."


Mr. Tee QUIT! No reasons given. He just quit!


To be continued…

© Carole Devecka God Given Daisies

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