Strange Inheritance

The “Undesirables of the Street” sewed curtains for the new daycare center, and became my extra hands in everything I did.

A few days after receiving God’s letter of promise we lost the heat on the second floor, where the daycare center was located. We did get a grant to refurbish the building, and to put in a new heating system. But, it would take time. So I went looking at commercial buildings where I could relocate all the children.

With no money, it seemed impossible...

When I got back to the Y, I was telling the teachers and the parents about a place that would be perfect for us, and it would be ALL NEW! And in a good neighborhood…

While I was talking, other Y staff members were listening. One of them named Richard came over to me and asked how much it would cost to move into the new place. I told him, and he said, "COME WITH ME TO THE BANK TOMORROW, AND I WILL GIVE IT TO YOU!"

I told him, “I cannot do that! You are a young single guy, you don't really know me, and what do I tell my husband?”

He said, "I've watched you for a long time, and what you have done here, and I want to give it to you...”

I thanked him but said I'll see what happens...

I went home and told my husband, and he said "GOD SAID HE WANTS YOU TO DO THIS, AND HE WILL SUPPLY ALL YOUR NEEDS....SO TAKE IT!”

The next day Richard and I went to the bank. I signed a lease, and a very precious, long lasting friendship began...

I also inherited, and adopted in our hearts, a new chosen daughter. The teenaged, evening receptionist came to live with us… Number 7 is still ours, and is now the mom of three of our grandchildren.


© Carole Devecka God Given Daisies

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