Wedding Plans

My oldest son is getting married in May and while it is a joyous occasion it also comes with a good deal of stress and chaos.

I recently attended a luncheon with the bride's family to make wedding plans .What should have been a happy occasion helping the young couple start their lives together turned out to be a big battle of the wills! It's not easy blending two families from such different backgrounds.

My son insists on no alcohol. I thought we would have to resuscitate her father at that point as he turned white with shock and screamed" What the **** do you mean NO Alcohol?" I didn't dare spring the fact on the poor man that there was no smoking in the facility either!

Of course I had my moment when her family stated no minister, Bible reading, long sermons or prayers! "What I screamed you don't want the Lord included in one of the most important events of their lives?"

It was a trying, testing afternoon when I finally could take no more and excused myself and left the situation as I feared greatly that all thoughts of Jesus, Peace and Love would fly out the window as I throttled someone!

On the drive home I started to pray and grumble to the Lord about this situation when God spoke to my heart saying "My child I encounter this kind of situation every day in the lives of my children. My family is one of very diverse backgrounds and they often do not blend well together. I have the woman who has pulled herself from the pit of prostitution to find a healing balm in my house only to be looked down upon by the high society woman that although she loves me, has not yet grown to understand the fact that I love the former woman just as much as she. I have mercy and grace for all, yet some refuse to accept it. They choose to walk the path of peril never taking that plunge to the protection offered in my arms."

About the time I pulled into town I realized that the Words of the Lord had calmed my heart and I just needed to relax and let him work in the wedding situation. I could be a light in the darkness and a part of the solution or I could be a pain in the posterior and be part of the problem. I realized that the Lord loved these folks too and I needed to relax and let Him do His perfect work. After all, ceremony is not as important as souls. You can bet, though, that I will be praying for these children as they take this next step in their lives, asking God's blessing and peace on the new family that is being formed.

Deborah Stearns

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