The Biscuit Sermon

Grandma discovered a very great sermon.

Her little grandson was watching her make biscuits. On each biscuit she put a face. She put a sultana for each eye and three sultanas for a smiling mouth.

When the biscuits were baked, they looked like a tray of little faces just begging to be loved and eaten. When they had cooled down, Grandma offered one to her grandson.

He looked them over and gently picked out one to eat.

Grandma smiled. "Now, remember," she told him, "all the other biscuits are watching to see how you treat this one."

So he treated his biscuit very gently. He held it carefully over a plate and enjoyed it down to the last, last crumb.

"Look, Grandma," he said, "all the little biscuit faces are smiling at me because I loved my biscuit."

And that is when Grandma discovered a very great sermon because ‘nothing in creation can hide from him; everything lies bare and exposed to the eyes of him to whom we must render an account,’ Hebrews 4:13.

Like a tray of biscuits, God watches to see how we treat every other ‘biscuit.’ He wants us to hold each one gently like a treasure. He sees if we love each one to the last, last crumb and his eyes beckon us to offer each ‘biscuit’ all the support and comfort we can..

"The eyes of the Lord range through the whole world, to bring aid and comfort to those whose hearts are loyal to him." 2nd Chronicles 16:9

Elizabeth Price

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