A Caterpillar in a Butterfly World

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be in a place where there were lots of gorgeous butterflies? In various sizes, with a kaleidoscope of colours?

I come from a region that features the Richmond Birdwing Butterfly, a beautiful and exquisite creature. Currently its survival is threatened by the impact of its natural habitat being cleared.

But imagine being part of that species, and then discovering that you were the only caterpillar that hadn’t transformed? What a disaster that would be!

Some days you might feel like that? Awkward? Out of place? Left behind? Feeling like everything is going wrong? That you, in comparison with everyone else around, seem to stand out as weird!

God has a message just for you. To His Son Jesus, God the Father said a beautiful affirmation for His time on this earth. He feels that same way about you!

“You are my beloved Son (Daughter), and I am wonderfully pleased.”

Matthew 3:17 (modified)

TODAY, feel no shame in who you are… a creation of God… a butterfly!

Bruce Wadd brucewadd@todaysthought.sharesong.org

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