Chocolate Admirer

Ever admired the beauty of chocolate? Its luscious taste and intricate designs?

In preparation for Easter, my daughter was making some special chocolates as a gift. She had bought the very best raw chocolate available, coming in packets as little buttons.

To create her special gift she got out her plastic trays of intricate shapes, a bowl and a large saucepan. Into the bowl went the chocolate buds, into the saucepan went the water, and in a few minutes I saw the buttons become this dark brown liquid mass of perfection.

Once the chocolate was just the right consistency, she began to pour the brown liquid into her shaped moulds, and then put them into the fridge to cool.

A little later, with chocolate hardened, I was able to admire and taste these lovely delights.

But this process reminded me of the fact that the chocolate’s look only came when it was heated, lost its substance, and submitted to the intricate shape of the mould.

God is doing the same for you. Regularly He allows the heat to be turned up. All He is asking of you is to submit to Him, and be shaped into His unique mould.

“For when He punishes you, it proves that He loves you.” Hebrews 12:6

Bruce Wadd

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