I Donít Need a Thing

I was about to say my evening prayers when I suddenly realized that I had nothing to ask for.

I know God is already aware of all the needs of my family and the world that often plague my own spirit, so what could I say?

ďHow odd!Ē I thought. ďMy list is normally long.Ē

A voice inside me said, ďPrayer isnít just for asking.Ē

That was, in itself, a revelation.

"Should I kneel and pray?" I thought out loud.

"Don't get down on your "needs" stand up with your "thank you's," I heard deep inside.

So, I stood there and talked with Him.

"God, I donít need a thing. What more could I possibly ask of you?

You have given me so much.

Iíve been blessed beyond measure.

No, we donít live in a mansion and we donít drive fancy cars.

Our clothes are average, no big name labels inside.

We are not bedazzled in fine jewelry or walk in imported leather shoes.

We are still comfortable.

No, it hasnít been by any means an easy life, but in comparison to some people I know, I feel like a king.

So, why have I called on you in prayer tonight?

Iím here just to say ďthank you.Ē

Thank you for the deep financial challenges I now face. Learning how to live within my means may delay my dreams, but it brings out the best in me. I will always have dreams.

Thank you for the health issues that turned our lives upside down recently. They taught me to appreciate life, love, family and friends more. I now find so much joy in every moment of my life.

Thank you for the work related conflicts. They challenge us to understand and forgive those who lack people skills and compassion. Maybe even faith. Dealing with them will make us stronger and perhaps they will learn from our example.

Oh, yes. Thank you in advance, for any future challenges that may come our way. Although difficult to see at the time, they each contain gifts we didnít know we needed.

Yes, God. Thank you, I donít need a thing.


Bob Perks Bob@BobPerks.com

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