Life Never Ends

To all, who visit this web-site, in the sincere endeavor to better understand the many facets of what we term: "Death."

I have lost a dear loved one, my brother "Bill." Although my life will never be the same, because of my loss, my having known him has greatly enriched my world. A Tribute to my fellow web-site visitors, I humbly submit the following poem, that I believe is very relevant, not only to the Christmas holiday ahead, but to all holidays to come, as we tend to be reminded, even more, of our family membersí or friendsí absences.

It is also a Tribute to those, whoíve gone ahead and with whom, weíll one day, be reunited -- but in Godís time, not ours.

Merry Christmas and may you start your new year and the next Millennium with a renewed faith that neither God nor our loved ones will ever leave us on this earth, to walk alone. May we all go through this life, in the Light of that love.


Life Never Ends

The holidays were here again.
So, why was I so sad?
Recalling good times, way back when . . .
One would think Iíd be glad!

But times had changed and you werenít here,
To celebrate with us.
Which lessened things, like Christmas cheer --
Why did we make a fuss?

Now, God does help me understand,
How Iím supposed to live.
He guided me and took my hand.
Now, Iíve got much to give.

Iím not the only one whoíll grieve,
For loved ones, who may die.
I pray, my pain, Heíll still relieve
And my sad tears, Heíll dry.

Now, youíve shown me a way to see,
That I am not alone --
How written words could set me free,
From loneliness Iíd known.

At times I struggle; then, Iím okay.
And, as I meet you all,
I thank God for you, everyday;
Now, grateful teardrops fall.

To one another, we reach out,
Consoling those who share.
Isnít this what Lifeís all about --
Us, showing that we care?

You have the courage, to go on;
And so do I, my friends.
With help from loved ones, who have gone,
We know -- Life Never Ends!

Written by Annette M. Winter

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