Which Way is Up?

Getting ‘chundered’ is not my favourite past time. Any surfer will tell you that when the surf is big, paddling out through large waves can be quite scary and dangerous, particularly when the larger sets are coming through.

Last Sunday I was reminded again of the risks of surfing. Standing on the water’s edge, I looked seaward, waiting for a break between sets. There was only about 10 metres to paddle, and so I launched into a rapid paddle through smaller waves.

Within seconds I became aware of a large set looming on the horizon, thus intensifying my stroke. With heart pounding and lungs burning I pushed through a wave only to see this huge wave ready to break right on top of me.

At that point my life flashed in front of me (again), and I had to make a quick decision. With leg-rope technology being rather advanced, the best option was to dive as deep as possible, throwing the board to one side. Within a split-second the world went dark, and I start being turned around, losing all sense of where up really was!

What seemed like minutes took only a few seconds, but my lungs began to scream for air. The mind began to play tricks on me, trying to convince me to struggle and fight against the incredibly powerful wave. But, I knew the best way to conquer this battle - to relax and wait!

Only moments later I became aware of light filtering through the turmoil. So I pushed towards the glow, and finally broke through the surface. With a huge gasp of air, and my leg still being stretched by the board, I looked around only to see the next wave about to break. Ready for another pounding!

Life is sometimes like getting ‘chundered’. Wave after wave of turmoil and stress keep pounding your life. You sometimes lose all sense of normality, not knowing what is going to happen next.

Relax, and look for the light! If you can’t see any, just know that it will appear at the right moment. When you see it, push with your entire might! Breakthrough… and suck in that precious air!

Don’t be impatient for the Lord to act!

Keep travelling steadily along his pathway and in due season he will honour you with every blessing…” Psalms 37:34

Bruce Wadd brucewadd@todaysthought.sharesong.org

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