It is Finished

I'm going on a little trip today,

I'm sorry I can't be there beside you.

Our Saviour beckoned me, you see,

I'm on my way to Heaven, to start life anew.

Do not cry that I am leaving,

For we enjoyed a long life together.

I'll love you still from beyond the grave,

I'll wait for you in Heaven but it will seem forever.

We tried to do the things that were right,

When we were there together,

And Christ promised, while He was here on earth,

That we would live with Him and God forever.

So shed no tears today my Love,

For I'm now in better hands,

Now that I have crossed the Great Divide,

I'm with Him in His promised lands.

Forgive me, my Love, for leaving,

But I know you'll understand,

I'll be watching for you at Heaven's portals.

When you come, I'll greet you,

And we'll walk through Heaven, hand in hand.

Now dry your tears, my Dearest one,

We shared so many happy years.

I'm waiting for you on the other side,

And here, my Love, there are no fears.

And to my five children, that I left behind,

I pray your lives, will be as sweet as mine.

And when it's time for you to go,

I'll be waiting for you, with God, Divine.

Weep not for me, my lovely ones,

For I am better off than you,

I have ended all my worldly chores,

And now I start my life anew.

Shed no tears, my lovely ones,

Rejoice that I feel no pain.

Now that my life on earth is over,

I pray, your memories of me will remain.

Now, as each of you grows older,

And you think of me now and then,

Remember that I'm still watching you,

As on earth, on me, you could always depend.

Leslie Wilson

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