1 John 1:9 - If we confess our sins, He is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. (NASB)

Aren't dandelions a bright pretty flower in the springtime? They tell us that spring has arrived. Children love bringing bouquets of them to their mothers, and mothers are delighted with the thoughtfulness of their children.

If left unattended, though, dandelions can cover the whole lawn and spread very quickly throughout the neighbourhood via thousands of blown seeds. Our neighbour attacked her dandelion problem. Rather than use chemicals, she chose to dig out each root. Morning and night, she was out there digging and digging. It took her most of the summer to complete her task. The next spring, there were no dandelions to be seen in her yard. It was beautiful.

That was several years ago. This year, I noticed quite a few dandelions in her lawn again. She will have to dig them all out again.

In our lives, sometimes sin creeps in -- like the dandelions in our yards. If left unattended, sin spreads -- like the dandelions. God is so willing to forgive us and get rid of the sin, if only we will confess our sin to Him. Will we sin again? Of course! Every time God reveals sin in our hearts to us, He is waiting to forgive us and cleanse us, to get rid of that sin. It is a life-long process -- just like my neighbour digging the dandelions from her lawn.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, please reveal to us the things in our hearts that make You sad. We do indeed want our hearts to be cleansed. Thank You for the power in Your blood to forgive and cleanse us. Amen.

Judy Miller gjmiller@telusplanet.net
Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada

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