Will You Be Mine?

It’s February 14th, a day filled with love,
But do you know the greatest - the one from above?
”For God so loved the world”, my dear Valentine,
That He gave His Son to say, “Will YOU be mine?”

He gave us no pretty roses with all their thorns,
But upon His dear head, they surely did adorn.
They pierced His brow for hours at a time,
The Savior was saying, “Will YOU be mine?”

He never sent chocolates or a well written card,
He instead gave His life, He was beaten and marred.
He loved you so much He put His life on the line,
He died for your sins and said, “Will YOU be mine?”

No the Savior won’t hand you a stuffed teddy bear,
But He extends salvation, eternal life He will share.
Will you accept Him today while there is still time,
Oh He is calling right now, “Will YOU be mine?”

On Calvary you won’t find ‘ol Cupid with bow,
Instead, a cross, true love it does show.
And when upon it, the Savior did climb,
He was simply saying, “Will YOU be mine?”

Look past all the romance and the hearts of red,
And see the One true love whose blood was shed.
Go beyond the candlelight and I’m sure you will find,
Scarred hands that cry out, “Will YOU be mine?”

I figured on Valentine’s day a poem would be fitting,
So read this very carefully right where you are sitting,
Jesus Christ offers the greatest love of all time,
And He says to you now, “Will YOU be mine?”

Jimmy Brown jimmy@Living4Jesus.com http://www.living4jesus.com/

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