Picking Flowers for the Master

Walking in the garden; most beautifully; in bloom

I thought of the Master’s table and of His living room.

I wanted to pick the prettiest; to compliment the decor

Of all His Mansions; even if it took forevermore.


Blossoms of every color; to offer my Lord that awesome day

Roses and orchids, of every color; blooming along the way.

Lilies of gold and brightness shimmered in the warm sun,

And, I knew He'd be so happy, if I just picked every one.


He is my joy, and by all means; salvation; I feel so blest,

To be in his secret and good thoughts that I’d never guessed.

There’ll be glory in the morning; with beautiful flowers all abloom

Maybe we can pick flowers for the Master; to fill every room.


Yellow, tulips, for smiling; red roses for His sweetest love

Buttercups, and asters, in that great morning (there above)

Won't it be so wonderful when we see the gleam of love in His eyes?

We shall all be so happy, as we see Jesus coming in the skies.


He’s the fairest of ten thousand; He deserves our very best.

When we see Him coming; we'll know going to rest.

He is worthy; He is worthy, of every flower of every kind

For; He has eased our soul and forever eased our mind.


©Pearlie Duncan Walker © April 12, 2006


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