Two Snow Angels

It has been a thoroughly frozen February here in the mountains of my home. The temperatures have been extremely cold with nasty, biting winds to go with them. My water pipes have frozen solid three different times and even my Saint Bernard hasnít enjoyed walking outside. In addition to this two huge snow storms have hit one right after the other. I spent most of the other day shoveling out my drive, my car, and paths for me to walk my dogs on. After working so hard clearing the snow, though, I felt the need for a little joy. I placed my snow shovel down then and fell back into the thick blanket of white. Moving my arms and legs back and forth I smiled up at the Heavens and made a snow angel for all the angels looking down on me.

The next day the temperatures finally started to rise. My own heart got a little warmer as well when my son rushed in the house covered from head to toe in snow and said, "I made a snow angel daddy!" I laughed in delight as I looked out my window and saw my sonís snow angel in the front lawn next to mine. I saw too that I wasnít the only adult sharing joy with their children. Other parents were out sledding with their kids and one grandfather was building a snowman with his three granddaughters. What a glorious Winterís day it turned out to be.

This frozen February ended up pretty well here, after all. It helped me to remember a lot of important things. I remembered that snow isnít just for shoveling. I remembered to never pass up the chance to make a snow angel in your front lawn. I remembered that you are never too old to be young again. I remembered that loving hearts can warm up the coldest days. I remembered that Winter has a beauty and delight all her own. I remembered most of all, though, that God loves us all and will see us through the harshest weather until we find our way back to joy again. Have a wonderful Winter and a spectacular Spring.

Joseph J. Mazzella

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