Nearly Deadly

God is our refuge and strength, an ever- present help in trouble. Psalm 46:1

She was from another country. She tried hard to communicate and fit in to the culture that was quite foreign to her. She read books to learn the language. She watched TV to study the vernacular.

She was a cheerful, pleasant, person. She hired out to different families as a newborn nurse, taking care of babies. Long hours, long nights, long weeks away from her new husband. And far, far away from her home, family,friends, and anything familiar. She had put all her trust and all her saving hope in the fellow who married her and brought her to this country. She leaned on him hard, looked to him for her every need.

Things seemed as if they were going pretty well. Then last week they found her. She nearly died from an attempted suicide. Drugs and alcohol were listed as the cause. But what really nearly killed her was disillusionment. Her trust and hope had been crushed beyond anything she could cope with. She had made her husband the ‘everything’ in her life. When he took up with a younger woman, her great giant hope crumbled.

People are just people; not perfect and not God. Sooner or later people will say or do something that doesn't meet our expectations and we will be disappointed. There is only One Hope that will never, ever fail us. We can count on Him. Putting all our eggs in one basket will work only when the basket is the Lord. There will never be a problem with Him not meeting our standards or disappointing us. Jesus is, and will always be, there to trust and lean on.

It's a promise! And it's for all who will believe in Him. That's good news.

Prayer: Thank you, Lord, that I can count on You, all the time. No matter what life throws my way, You are there for me, to walk me through it, and to comfort me. Amen.

Sally I. Kennedy is the author of “Irish Thursdays”, "Words from the Heart”, and “52 Little Parables from Ireland" . She lives in south Florida, with her husband Ben. You can visit her website, at or email Sally at,

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