A Wet Walk

A walk with my boys got cut short the other day. We had been out for just a little while when suddenly the sky turned gray, the wind picked up, and thunder started to roll in from the clouds. We headed back quickly as the drops started to fall. The rain chased us down the trail and soon caught us. We tried to hide for a moment laughing under a sweet smelling Pine tree, but it was no use. We were soon soaked to the bone. It didnít bother us, however. After we got home we dried off and watched happily as the clouds poured some much needed water on the thirsty forest around our home. A short while later the sun broke through the clouds again and brightened the Earth with its golden glow. I smiled, stepped out on the porch, and let it shine on my face too. I could feel its warmth and smell the wonderful scent of thousands of well watered leaves. I laughed again while Godís love, joy, and light filled my soul. What a glorious day it had been.

I am amazed at how often and in how many ways God is able to touch our hearts, souls, and minds. Everyday we get new learning, new growth, and new love. Everyday we get new experiences that help us to bring a little more Heaven into our lives. Everyday God finds new ways to enlighten us no matter how cloudy our world may seem.

He used that wonderful, wet walk the other day to remind me that life isnít only sunny days. Just like nature sometimes we need to get rained on a bit in order to grow. He also reminded me that the best way to handle anything in life is with simple humor and joy. The sound of laughter goes equally well with a delightful walk in the summer sunshine and with a brisk run through the rain in soaked clothes. He reminded me most of all, though, that no matter how long the storms of life may last the sun will always come out again. Have a glorious day then and remember that God is always with you in the sunshine and in the rain.

Joseph J. Mazzella joecool@wirefire.com

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