The Arms That Swung The Whips

The arms that swung the whips, that tore His back to shreds.

Could they lay down to rest at night, when they went to bed?
Did they have to swing so hard, and use those horrid things;
Did they enjoy beating half to death, the King of all the kings?
They fought over His meager possessions, they were a greedy bunch;
When they were finished..............did they sit down for lunch.
My sweet, sweet Savior, look what they have done;
Look how they persecuted.............God's Holy, innoncent Son.
Did they have to make a crown of thorns, and slam it on His head?
Satan was working overtime, they listened to what he said.
When He was so thirsty, they put a vinegar sponge to His lips;
Would it have hurt them to give Him water?.............just a little sip.
They just wanted to degrade Him, for Jesus they wanted to destroy;
But He was the true Son of God............. not Mary's baby boy.
They may have owned His body, but they couldn't own His soul at any cost;
For that was God The Father in the flesh...............hanging on that cross.
What would you have done, if you had been there?
Would you have stood up for Him, showed everyone you cared?
It just wasn't meant to be, for all the time it was God's master plan;
He sacrificed His save the likes of man.             Amen

Pat Finn 

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