Call Me Crazy

Yeah! Itís Thanksgiving time. Our family will once again hold hands while the smell of turkey in the oven wafts through the house. Buttery rolls will be piled high among the array of delicious dishes. Hubby will initiate prayers giving thanks.

But I want to be a little crazy this year. Iím going to thank God for the trials that crept into my life. Yes, you got it. The ugly times that allowed me to see the beauty of healing. And for the painful moments that eased comfort into my soul.

Iím grateful for what Iíve become through it all. Had I not lost my sight, Iíd be living my old lifeóanxiously panting through each step to reach professional success; totally dedicated to make sure my kids had all the ďthingsĒ to make them happy; and comparing myself to other&rsq uo;s accomplishments. I even obsessed about my looks, my clothes, and yes, the wardrobe Iíd need to take on dream vacations.

I shamefully admit that would be my life. But when my world turned dark, I saw the light of freedom from things that shoved me into the prison of the worldís demands.

Iím also grateful for experiencing the loss of my child. Not because I donít miss himÖI do, with the same intensity as before. But Iím grateful because I now truly, truly understand Godís promise of eternal life in heaven. Before, this was just a concept, a wonderful promise, a worthwhile belief. But now, itís a certainty I live with every day. I know where my Joe isÖand for that Iím truly grateful.

And as years swept by, all the junk that came into my life turned to joy; not because of who I am, but because of who God is.

How about you? Will you be grateful only for all the good things that filled your l ife? Or do you also have difficult episodes that made you a stronger, better person?

I hope you and I will share the appetizers of appreciation and the main course of gratitude for it all this Thanksgiving Day.

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