Subtle Yet Poignant

Subtle yet poignant

Is what You are;

Out of Jacob, Numbers 24:17 says,

Shall arise a Star.


Iíve prayed for a sign

In many different ways:

In your characteristic manner

You have subtly shown them in my days;


You havenít parted seas

Or dropped manna from the sky;

But youíve sustained and provided for me

To always get me by.


I havenít seen lightning

Or heard thunder from above;

But each day I live on

I am wrapped in Your love.


When You walked the earth

You were humble and direct;

Garnering from Your followers

Honor and respect.


Your signs to me are subtle

Yet poignant for sure;

Giving me wisdom, strength, willpower

And the perseverance to endure.


Little but meaningful

Is what You stressed;

The nothings and nobodies of the world

Are to whom You addressed.


I have learned

That as Hebrews 13:8 says;

You are the same yesterday, today

And the same always.


Dear Yeshua/Jesus

You are my friend, king and Lord;

Since You entered me in the hospital nine years ago

We have been entwined into one strong cord.

When you embed a file

Inside your computer hard drive;

You can never delete it

No matter how hard you strive.


It's the same with You 

As it says in Romans 8:39:

Once Christ comes into your heart

You become one with the Divine. 


When the Pharisees or Pilate

Asked for a sign from You;

You responded in Your subtle manner

Without showing off like prideful people would do.


You spoke with authority

Yet no arrogance was in Your voice;

You presented the word of God

And let people make their choice.


Unappreciated and scorned

Was Your milieu on earth:

Yet anger and revenge

Was not Your girth.


A paradigm You established

In how we should act;

Subtle yet poignant

Your life to extract.


I love You dear Rabbi

For You have tutored me;

Not only with Your written word in scripture

But through lifeís experiences in my adversity.


Your ways are higher

As it says in Isaiah 55:9:

So I strive to grow in wisdom

And defer any ways of mine.


Thank You Lord

For drawing me unto You;

Youíve taken this old dog

And are teaching him higher ways of things to do.


Subtle and poignant

A combination in todayís world rarely seen;

You displayed it for us to follow

The only sinless Man ever seen.

I pray all or part of this poem speaks to you all.


Ilan Mann

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