A Soldier's Thanksgiving

Over there a soldier’s thinking

Of a time not long ago,

When his loved ones got together;

‘Twas Thanksgiving Day, you know.


Over there a soldier’s dreaming

Of a turkey baked just right,

Mashed potatoes, golden gravy,

Chestnut dressing, pure delight!


Over there a soldier’s hungry

For whipped cream on pumpkin pie.

Squares of cornbread, crusts so tender,

Homemade biscuits stacked up high.


Over there a soldier’s wishing

He could have one buttered roll.

But he feasts on GI rations

While his unit’s on patrol.


Over there a soldiers lying

In a ditch, his makeshift bed.

Mud and dirt are his companions;

Been awhile since he’s been fed.


Over there a soldier’s praying

That his open sores will heal.

He is sure that he’ll feel better

Once he has a good hot meal.


Over there a soldier’s hearing

Loud explosions, muffled cries.

Shrapnel killed his foxhole buddy

Right before his very eyes.


Over there a soldier’s quoting

Scriptures learned at Mother’s knee,

Proud that he’s a mighty warrior,

Keeping all his loved ones free.


This Thanksgiving as you’re eating

That sweet corn that grandpa grew,

Say a prayer for that dear soldier

Who would love to be with you.


Mariane Holbrook is a retired teacher, an author

of two books, a musician and artist. She maintains

a personal website www.marianholbrook.com and

welcomes your Emails at Mariane777@bellsouth.net

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