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Here are some examples of Christians who triumphed thru difficulties:

1. John Bunyan - in Bedford prison wrote "Pilgrim's Progress"

2. Fanny Crosby - was blind because of a Doctor's mistake, yet was

used of God to write 3000 hymns.

3. Samuel Brengel - was educated, but when approaching William Booth, was told that if he wanted a job to go to the basement and shine the men's boots. He was humble and said that if Jesus washed feet, I can shine boots. He became a leader in the Salvation Army. One day he was hit on the head by a brick thrown by a rough guy. During recovery he wrote rich holiness books.

4. The Apostle Paul stands out as a wonderful example -- see Philippians 1:12-14, II Corinthians 1:4-6.

5. Other examples include: Jesus and His work (looked like defeat) on the cross, Peter in Prison (Acts 12:3-11,24), Stephen's martyrdom (Acts 7) which may have brought Paul to Christ, Paul and Silas' imprisonment and the Jailer's conversion (Acts 16:25-30).

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