Diving into a Spring-Fed Pool. Brrrrr! Can we go back?

"Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within him." (John 7:38 NIV)

It's amazing how refreshing a swimming pool can look, especially if the weather is steaming hot. But as the seasons begin to change, and there begins to be the tiniest inkling of fall in the air, most of us would prefer to stand on the sidelines and enjoy looking at that pool!

It was Labor Day, and we were at Robet H. Treman State Park in New York State, enjoying our last camping trip before school began. It didn't take long for my boys to discover a very "cool" pool (I'm a poet and I didn't even know it!). It was a natural pool, made and fed by a striking waterfall, and the water was crystal clear. Somehow the algae were kept at bay, without the use of chlorine. Amazing!

I was excited by my boys' discovery. I could just imagine myself standing under that waterfall... This is a fascination of mine, whenever I see any waterfall, except Niagara Falls of course, as standing under them might tend to give me a headache!... However with fall in the air, I was far from being tempted to join them in their adventures! I'm afraid that the water temperature gauge, reading 63 F, prevented the daredevil in me from showing its true colors! I just couldn't see myself in a bathing suit, freezing to death in those "arctic" waters!

So there I was, with my wife, fully clothed, with a camera around my neck and a towel wrapped around my shoulders. Just seeing my kids in that icy water made me shiver! My boys seemed oblivious to the cold however, and when they weren't threatening to throw us into the water, they were enjoying themselves climbing around the waterfall and diving into the pool.

My wife and I were thoroughly interrogated by the "Gestapo" after the fact, believe me. "It was great! Why wouldn't you come in???"

The only suitable response seemed to be: "We were already cold! We couldn't imagine going out of our way to feel even colder!"

"But once you get IN the water, you don't feel the cold!" They tried to argue.

We weren't convinced. We just couldn't seem to grasp how freezing to death was a "must-do" experience, even if it DID entail diving into a naturally fed pool!

So often we stand at the sidelines of another pool, the beautiful, refreshing pool of God's love, and watch Jesus freaks dive in. We can't imagine what they are going through, and we are left wondering how they could possibly be enjoying God's pool so much! They tell us about their experiences in that pool and how God wraps them in His loving arms, whispering love notes in their tender ears, but we just can't fathom it.

Sure, we notice that those who do dive in are transformed. Both their countenance and their behaviour change for the good. For some reason they seem happier and more at peace, even amidst heavy trials. But for those of us who stand on the side, we have no idea what they are experiencing and when invited to join them in the pool, we find ourselves uttering lame excuses.

But boy, those who try God out, even for a moment, can't keep themselves from looking back at Him over and over again. They know that they have found someone who truly and unconditionally loves them, and who will never leave them nor forsake them! He becomes their fascination, their motivation and their best friend.

Those of us who stand at the sideline sure miss out! Maybe it is time we put aside our petty excuses, and dive into that pool of God's grace. Let Him shower us with His cascade of pure love and forgiveness. Let us become acquainted with Him for who He truly is, and may we discover our true source of happiness.

I challenge you to do the following:

"Open your mouth and taste, open your eyes and see - how good GOD is. Blessed are you who run to him." (Ps 34:8)

You won't regret the experience!

As for me and my wife, we have decided to try out this natural waterfall fed pool. We are looking forward to joining our kids next August in their unforgettable adventure!

Would you like to join us?

Rob Chaffart

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