Celestial Horizon! War series, part 1

On June 6 1944, the Allied forces landed in Normandy the coastline of France.

It remains to this day, the largest amphibious operation in history.

It was a strategic assault geared towards liberating continental Europe from the claws of Nazi Germany.

The US Army forcefully landed on the beach under heavy German firepower; the casualties were enormous.

One soldier looking around him reported to the military high command that an Allied defeat was inevitable.

A reconnaissance aircraft flying high above the warzone scanned the entire horizon. He saw the massive Alliesí reinforcement

In the sea, the diminishing German military capabilities and the fragmented Nazi supply lines due to Allied air superiority.

He smiled and reported to the high command that the Allies will carry the day.

The US soldier is like most of us. We tend to be overwhelmed by adversity that we do not see the vastness of Godís extravagance around us.

We are beclouded by the immediate and fading pain of our circumstances that we do not see the ultimate and growing gain of Godís promises.

But if we take our position in the heavenly places and see things from Godís perspective, our conclusion and response would be productive.

Whatever our tribulation might be at this moment, it is working out for our good in ways we do not know. We only need to look up

To God for fresh insight by an unremitting study of The Bible. Our present challenge is not the end of the road; the final outcome has

Been irrevocably predetermined by God in His word and this can NOT be changed.

ďOur light and momentary afflictions are working for us an everlasting weight of glory that far exceeds them all.Ē 2 Cor 4:17

There is no other option; it is either we win or we win!!!

Prince C. Oshiojum princedpreacher@yahoo.co.uk Copyright 2008

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