Peanut Butter And Other Joyous Things

Psalm 92:1 - It is good to give thanks to the Lord, to sing praises to your name, O most High. (ESV)

When my son Isaac was only two years old, every morning, I would ask him what he wanted for breakfast, and he would shout, "Peanut butter!" And when I said "Yes", he would jump around the kitchen yelling "Yeah, peanut butter! Yeah, peanut butter!" At lunch, the same question would elicit the same response, and again, much leaping and dancing and yelling. Each time, his face would light up. It was great to see.

For those not affected by nut allergies, could there be anything simpler in life than peanut butter?

Yet, as much as I enjoy peanut butter, I don't remember a time when the thought of a peanut butter sandwich would make me want to sing and dance.

As adults, how often do we let the simple things that could bring us joy pass us by because we are too tired or too busy? How often we forget to thank God for the simple pleasures, the everyday things that are really small miracles in disguise!

When I am feeling low or overwhelmed, I often sit down and have a peanut butter sandwich, and recall a small boy's joy in the face of the everyday, and pray, "Thank You, God, for peanut butter and other joyous things."

Prayer: Father God, thank You for small boys who have not forgotten how to find joy in everyday miracles. Please help to keep our eyes open so we can also see the miracle in everyday things that we often take for granted. Amen.

Patricia Shepherd
Mission, British Columbia, Canada

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