As I sit at the kitchen window and gaze out, the trees bend low from a strong north wind blowing through them. The cool air is coming down from Canada; soon Fall will be here. That, in itself, is depressing for me.

So much has happened this last year; things that cut to the quick.

Pain in my head seems to take over at its own will.

My husband has retired, but I do enjoy him being at home.

Our daughter's husband has abused her and the kids for the last time. She has kicked him out. She loves the Lord and really believed that hubby would come to the cross, but 15 years have passed and his drinking only got worse. He now is getting physical with her and the kids. The time has come for him to go away--and stay away. We will all pray for his salvation; we don't want anyone to miss victory in Jesus. All and all, it is far better that he is gone, and we pray he will realize that the alcohol holds no hope for him. Right now, alcohol is all he cares about.

There really is no hate in me toward my son-in-law, just a spirit of real pity. Pity that he does not know the beautiful family God had blessed him with. Pity that he says such hateful things to his wife and children. Pity that now he will have all the alcohol he wants, because there will be no one to say, "Stop."

In all of this I am reminded that "but for the grace of God, there goeth I." Over twenty years ago, on a very bad day, I heard a man of God say that Jesus loves me. Oh, yes, I had heard that before, but this time it hit me, and I crumbled. I knew that my life was messed up, and I knew that I needed help. Could this, would this, be the answer to my life-long question, "Who loves me?"

It was--and still is to this day! I love the Lord, and I thank Him every day because of all He has done, and is doing, in my life. Now, I pray for my son-in-law; may he also experience the wonder of God's love, grace, and mercy.

Jesus died for all, not for just a select few. He paid the price for all of those drug addicts, alcoholics, and seekers. They just need to say, "Yes, I accept you, Lord Jesus." It is then when they will receive forgiveness from all their sins. The sins are cast as far as the east is from the west and remembered no more. What joy there is in that!

So, as I sit and watch the birds flying south and the cold north wind blowing, I pray not only for my lost son-in-law, but for all who need to know my Lord. May someone from the harvest share His love for them. May the Lord use me to show His love.

Yes, here I am on my soapbox again, but what a glorious place to be.



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