What of Those Who Suffer for Lack

"And what of those who suffer for lack..
With tearful eyes and a bare back.
Who have no choice but to abide..
Who find no rest, no place to hide
Like silent voices asking just one thing.
To end, to end their suffering.
That happy a song this world would sing."

On two bent knees the sailor spoke.
With hand in hand, till silence broke.
The water stilled, the heavens parted;
And on that boat he sat downhearted.
For many a thing his eyes did see.
Of deepest sorrow and misery.

A ray of light leaned on his head,
And his Grief turned to peace instead.
The father speaks "Child, do not weep,
For such tears don't belong to my sheep"
 "I formed you with dust from the earth
And all of creation marveled your birth
And there was glory in what I had done
I called you Man, the only one"

"But Lord you gave me will to hate
And the earth weeps at her bitter state
Why did you give me the power to choose?
The right to win and a chance to lose"

"I made you child to seek my face,
And when you did you took my grace
Until you saw my fallen star
Who told you what he thought you are

And on that day my heart you broke
By choosing what I said revoke
And I was ever kind to you
Until the day my anger grew

I flooded the earth with pouring rain
Till only a handful of you remained
My heart wept, I gave a sign
That never again will I destroy what's mine

And yet again you went astray,
By adopting every wicked way.
My people perish, the heavens sigh.
A Just, a Just God am I.

So two thousand years The Christ is born,
But you chastised him, till flesh was torn
All heaven wept that tearful day..
But behold, The savior makes a way

The savior dies, the children Mourn
And from the dust, The Church is born
Before the crows pecked out his eyes,
That thief had entered paradise.
My spoken words forever stay
For I The Lord have made a way

So, what of those who suffer for Lack?
For it is the suffering that brings them back
And when their pain moves you to grieve;
Remember, freely you received, freely give"

And with those words night filled the sky
And a tear filled the sailor's eye.
For Greater are the things to which we will go,
Than these eighty odd years of life below.
When you find no words to say,
When rainy days won't go away...
Remember soul this prayer to pray.
Almighty God has made a way...

Malcolm Erriah Malcolm.Erriah@stanlib.com

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