The "Control" Issue

Job 37:15 Do you know how God controls the clouds and makes His lightning flash?

I believe each of us likes to be “in control” of our lives, and we want to know where we are going. This is definitely true for me, especially if I am going to take a car trip. I always get the map out, plot out my course and know exactly where I will be driving.

When I had the opportunity to spend a week end at an Emmaus retreat, I was excited. “Where is the retreat held?” I asked. My sponsors were vague, but I wanted details! Where would it be, what would we do, etc., etc., etc.!!

Well, the night we left for the retreat I just got in the car and let them drive. I had no idea where I was going, nor had I mapped a course on a road map. I trusted my sponsors to get me to the correct destination on time and in good shape. The road was narrow and the nighttime sky descended upon us, but I no longer cared about details, because I trusted the driver. TRUST- what an important thing this is.

Am I willing to turn over the drivers seat of my life to God? To allow Him to get me to my destination? I know my final destination is Heaven, but is it necessary for me to know every detail on the road there? Don’t I trust God enough to know He’ll be right beside me, no matter the twists on life’s road or how suddenly darkness can descend?

Sometimes, I try to give God the road map and tell Him the way! How silly! He is more “in control” than I am! God is the sponsor of my life, and I need to let Him stay in the driver’s seat, taking me down life’s road of surprises.

Marion Smith

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