It seems that the famed scientist, A. Einstein, had more trouble finding his way home from work than ‘arriving’ at his stupefying, mind-boggling formula ‘E=MC2’.

One evening as Einstein sat deep in thought aboard the train that brought him home, the ticket conductor approached him. Einstein rummaged in his coat, through his pockets, in his shirt, and everywhere else he could think of including beneath the seats of surprised co-passengers, becoming increasingly alarmed at his inability to find the ticket.

“That’s okay, Dr. Einstein,” pacified the conductor. “I know you ride this train every day. I can collect tomorrow.”

“That’s fine for you, young man,” Einstein replied, “but how am I supposed to know where to get off the train without my ticket?” Typical absentmindedness of a professor, eh?

Formulating your plans about where you want to go ‘at the end of it all’? As His chosen one there should be no doubt as to where you are headed!

“But our homeland is in Heaven, where our Savior the Lord Jesus Christ is…” –Philippians 3:20 (TLB)

E=MC2, still confuses you? Without worrying rejoice instead in knowing for sure, where you need to ‘get off the train’!

Suresh Manoharan smanoharan1@gmail.com www.jandsmministries.com

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