On Hold or Hold on?

Whenever he is afraid, he comes to me.

It makes me feel good, and for whatever reason, gives him comfort.

"It's okay," I repeat over and over.

I hold him, kiss him and feel his fast beating heart gradually slow down.

It reminds me of my boys. I don't get to hold them as much any more, but I have had the occasion to reassure them that "It's okay," even in their adulthood.

This time it was Phil, our one year old furry kid.

He really doesn't like to be held. He's curious, active and in every sense of the word still a puppy.

Marianne was vacuuming. Ricky fights the bright eyed demon every step of the way. He doesn't fear things he can see. He fears things he can't, like thunder and fireworks.

Lucy, our other older puppy, just stays out of the fray.

She's the "alpha dog," and can't afford to let the boys see her as anything less.

This all reminded me today of times when I was afraid.

I can remember calling for help only to be put on hold.

But, like Phil, I have always found comfort running to the Father. He says, "It's okay," and helps me to hold on.

My heart beats slower in the comfort of His arms until I feel safe again. Like Ricky, I rarely fear the things I can see, but cower in a corner of my mind when faced with things I can't.

I wrote these words for one of my wall hangings and greeting cards: "What I can understand I can handle.

What I can't understand I give to God."

I need to remind myself of that.

God doesn't put you "on hold," He tells you to "Hold on!"

Bob Perks 2believe@comcast.net

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