Those Who Fall Away

Father we have called out to You by the thousands, Your children need You so;

Lord do You see whatís happening to us, here on Earth below.

Please help us Father, for there are diseases, hate, and wars;

Every time we try to rise above it, there is some disaster for us in store.


Child be quiet my Father said, and listen to My words;

Every thing that is going on, you have already heard.

It was all written down... a plan I left for all;

When you take your eyes off Me, thatís when you start to fall.


All these things must come about, thatís why I warned all of you;

I can not tell you exactly when, My plan will carry through.

Just know, My child, itís drawing near, the time to send My Son;

For what will be, has to be... before My Kingdom comes.


I know there are those who have died for me, I will avenge their deaths that day;

Donít worry about what is going on, just listen to what I say.

For I am the Creator, Maker of all you see;

The day this world ends, is still left up to Me.


Not wars, nor diseases, not even death, can take you away from Me;

For My Kingdom that is to come, I still hold the key.

The time will come for peace and tranquility, unconditional love abound;

You shall reap what you have sowed, youíll be standing on hallowed ground.


I am the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end;

No one can stand with Me, who is covered up in sin.

My child hold on a little longer, keep watching the Eastern sky;

For those who will fall away, are those who turn their eyes.

Pat Finn

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