You’re invited, I’m serving appetizers at my pity party…

“Lots of turkey left,” my Mom called out.

I flung open the door to the fridge. “And it’s calling my name!”

You’re probably doing the same thing? Grabbing those yummy leftovers from Thanksgiving dinner (an advantage when you host the meal).

But this year was different. Emotional indigestion threatened even before the day came. It just so happened that yucky news barged in right before Thanksgiving Day.

So…celebrate, laugh, and dance with gratitude? No can do for this chick because in one day, I got notice the newspaper I have a column in is closing down. I found that I need to begin a search for a new literary agent. My son said his job will end in one week. Christmas list will be extra short this year—hubby has no job.

So I dashed to the pantry and pulled out ingredients to prepare quick snacks to serve at my pity party.

I was ready to host that event. The spirit of thanksgiving cleared out, leaving plenty of room for my guests—Mr. Gloom and Mrs. Boo Hoo, and their kids, little Anger and Resentment. They stood at the door with devilish grins on their faces. I had plenty to feed them. We’d chew and chat, sharing our dreary notions about life and reinforce reasons to feel down because of our murky fate.

Then it came—a knock to the door of my heart. There it was a tray with a delicious array of truth in hand. Each came from the recipe book called “Job.”

I devoured each bite. And got a tell you. Job also had every right to host his own pity party. His troubles were huge, you’re talking adversity, first class, He went from wealth to welfare, from majestic meals to unhappy meals at McDonald’s.

But listen to what he said, “The LORD gave and the LORD has taken away; may the name of the LORD be praised…In all this, Job did not sin by charging God with wrongdoing”(Job 1:21-22).

Praising God? C’mon Job, he had to be kidding. But he wasn’t. In fact, God’s Word is so powerfully serious, impacting and life-changing that Job obeyed and saw victory. So if it worked for him, it would for me too.

I shooed out the guests at my pity party, changed the tune of my thinking, scraping destructive thoughts from the pan of negativity, and I served fresh helpings of gratitude for what I still have. For what God will do. For what He has done already. For the way He provides, comforts and ushers peace.

It’s dessert time now. Here I am, delighting in spoonfuls of His rich promises.

Pray with me: Father, should circumstances not change, change my heart, my outlook and transform my thinking. Fill me with contentment, true peace and joy. Remove the cobwebs that have grown through the years with longings that aren’t satisfied and with wishes that didn’t come true. Lord, remove them and replace them with your Word that nourishes my soul. I ask this in Jesus’ name.

Janet Eckles Author of Trials of Today, Treasures for Tomorrow—a true story of triumph, with practical steps to conquer adversity, heartache, and fear. Now available in audio.

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