The Real Thing: Victory Series, Part 47

praise service

"When Christ (your real life, remember) shows up again on this earth, you'll show up, too - the real you, the glorious you." (Col 3:4 The Message)

We were late when we entered the church building. The priorities of life often interfere with our schedules, don't they! Music from the sanctuary could be heard from the loudspeakers in the foyer, and it made me long to experience the real thing. But though it was uplifting, it still sounded distant, a bit like a mirage.

As soon as we entered the sanctuary, the music became more vibrant, more real. Still, we didn't feel in the midst of it. It was like a whisper, though louder than before, when compared to reality.

Not until we were ushered to the very front did we experience the full impact of singing our praises to our Heavenly Daddy. The music completely enveloped us. We could clearly perceive each beat, each note. We were one with the praise service, we felt the presence of the One we love clearly in our midst.

Often our victory life is similar. We perceive from a distance the victory that awaits us, and it makes us hunger to experience it fully. But from that viewpoint, it still seems like an optical illusion, and only our faith can drive us towards our destination.

The evil one will try anything in his power to hinder our advancement, however. The sooner we realize he is all lies and that truth can only be found in our Forever Friend, the sooner we will reach our real goal. Perseverance is a must, keeping our hope vividly alive in our vision.

The process to victory often is too slow for our liking, but it does help us get acquainted with the Lover of our soul. The closer we get to Jesus, the more clearly we hear the trumpets of triumph resounding in the distance.

One day we will be in the front row of victory and we will wonder why it took us so long to find our way there. The distractions along the road were really not worth our time. The real thing is now, bathing in the glory of the Most High!

"For instance, we know that when these bodies of ours are taken down like tents and folded away, they will be replaced by resurrection bodies in heaven - God-made, not handmade - and we'll never have to relocate our "tents" again. Sometimes we can hardly wait to move - and so we cry out in frustration. Compared to what's coming, living conditions around here seem like a stopover in an unfurnished shack, and we're tired of it! We've been given a glimpse of the real thing, our true home, our resurrection bodies! The Spirit of God whets our appetite by giving us a taste of what's ahead. He puts a little of heaven in our hearts so that we'll never settle for less." (2 Cor 5:1-5 The Message)

But no matter what, let us remember that throughout our trek through life, we have a Counselor and this Counselor will never ever abandon us: "And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Counselor to be with you forever- the Spirit of truth." (John 14:16-17 NIV)

Let us enjoy the moments we spend with the One who is leading us to victory. Victory is not a concept. It's a person!

"But thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ." (1 Cor 15:57 NIV)

Victory is possible now! Just like experiencing our Heavenly Daddy can be done right now. Our little detours are what causes the delay.

Rob Chaffart

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