June's Place (Second Thoughts)

Kelsey walked slowly up to June’s Place; she was moved again with the colors of autumn. Red, yellow and orange leaves swayed in the light breeze, making a beautiful swirl all around her. God had taken His brush and painted a magnificent picture for all to enjoy. As she reached for the door handle, she stopped again to look around and appreciate the beauty of it all.

Kelsey stepped into June’s Place with a bright smile on her face. June was at her table with Mrs. Burns, Mrs. Henry, and Mrs. Jones, the scene was exactly as it had been the week before, when the women had been discussing kicking a young girl out of the church. Kelsey had to wonder just what was going on now. June motioned her to join them. Kelsey grabbed a chair and sat down. She noticed the beautiful cut flowers on the table. June would always use the colors of the season to brighten up her table.

Mrs. Burns said, “June, what do you think? Isn’t this a wonderful idea? We would like to have a baby shower for Jane. We will invite everyone at the church and she’ll most likely get all she’ll need for the baby.”

Not to be outdone, Mrs. Henry added, “We shall have a grand time and I am so thankful that we can do this for Jane and her baby. What a blessing it will be.”

Mrs. Burns did not give Kelsey an opportunity to say anything, even if she could have managed a comment through her total astonishment

“All right it is settled then, we shall have the baby shower in the fellowship hall at church. Right June?”

As June agreed with a hearty nod of her spun sliver hairdo, Mrs. Jones popped right in with her ideas:

“There is so much to do, especially with the refreshments; we need to get busy making lists. Thank you for listening, June, we knew you would love this idea.”

The three women picked up their cups, sat them on the counter and continued talking as they walked outside.

June smiled at Kelsey and said, “Hey young lady, are you trying to catch flies with your mouth so wide open.”

Kelsey shook her head before she said, “Wow! Those three women have changed their tune haven‘t they? Last week they wanted to kick Jane out of the church. Now they are planning a baby shower for her! I am amazed.

June nodded and said,

“You do remember what I told you last week when I said these ladies would see the truth? Well, they have. I was just reading to them in the Word that we are to conduct ourselves in a manner worthy of the Gospel of Christ. There are times we all may need a nudge to see His Truth. The Holy Spirit has touched these ladies He reminded them to love one another, and they chose to hear this time.” Kelsey smiled at June as she commented,

“In other words, Christians blow it, right?”

June laughed out loud.

“Oh, yes we do. We need to always remember that we are not perfect, we’re just forgiven. Jesus took care of that on the Cross.”

As they sipped on their mocha vanilla together for the next half hour, they planned which one of them would crochet the bootees and bonnet, and which would crochet the matching sweater--and tried to decide what color would be the best to choose.

Sharon Niese Sniese3@roadrunner.com

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