Rabbit in the Kitchen


Genesis 8:22 "As long as the earth endures seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease." NIV

Many years ago the morning my daughter found her rabbit George hunched up staring reproachfully at his frozen water bottle was the day winter officially began in our home.

George, a Netherland Dwarf had the temperament of a mini fur clad dragon. During the months that he resided outdoors, he would sit and snort, grunt, rattle his dish and gnash his teeth and be as ornery as he pleased without disturbing me. Such antics in the house however could and did get me down, often leaving me feeling overwhelmed by the apparent chaos.

This is an emotion however which I quite familiar with. It tends to come with experiences which leave me feeling life is spinning out of control. When things seem to be moving at a quicker pace than I am able to comprehend, I find it most unsettling.

During those winters however when the children were small and George moved into our already busy household, God taught me a very important lesson. He instructed me to take my focus off the problem and center it on Him. He has set the rhyme and reason for the seasons, hours and days he is therefore able amidst any and all changes which come my way. Thus as I learned to engage my mind in this discipline I soon found myself empowered. I was able to exchange feelings of overwhelming chaos for the priorities and wisdom of Christ. Chaos fled, peace and joy reigned.

George has been gone from my kitchen for many years now, but every year at the onset of winter I remember him and his antics with a smile and am forever thankful for the spiritual lesson of a lifetime he brought my way.

Prayer: Wonderful Lord and Father we thank you that you are in control even when we feel life is out of control. Help us this day to remember to focus on you amidst any and all situations no matter how chaotic or unsettling they may seem. Empower us to trade feelings of chaos for your wisdom, peace and joy. In Christ's name we pray. Amen

Lynne Phipps lynnephipps@hotmail.com
Atlin, B.C.

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