A Pound of Honey

We are told that a red clover blossom contains less than one-eighth of a grain of sugar. Yet seven thousand of these grains are required to make a pound of honey. Therefore, a bee must visit 56,000 clover heads to get enough sugar for a pound of honey. But, there are about sixty flower tubes to each clover head. So the bee performs that operation 3,360,000 times to get enough sweetness for a single pound!

The truth is, most things worth doing take a great deal of determination and plain dogged persistence.

Clarence A. Barbour exclaimed, "Great things take time. Moral and spiritual changes are more difficult to be reached than material changes. It is harder to fashion a soul than it is to fashion a body. The kingdom which Christ establishes is a kingdom of free men, convinced in mind, moved in heart, definitely committed in will to the good; and that comes slowly."

So why do we often lack the persistence to keep at our spiritual tasks when difficulties interrupt our progress? Why are we shocked to discover that there are few significant spiritual goals that are instantaneously obtained." (From: Pulpit Helps, Donald N. Paulson)

It is said that a behaviour or attitude practiced continuously for thirty days results in a new life style. May we practice being committed to our Heavenly Father.

Dear God, keep me persistent in practicing my faith, committed to doing good, in Jesus' Name, Amen.

Re-arranging my life for Christ,


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